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Stories about My Experiences with Writers & Illustrators Who Bring Light into the World…by Bonnie Ingber Verburg

Celebration of the letters of Dr. Timothy Lindamood

On Saturday, February 14, a group of dedicated Californians are celebrating the holiday with letters–writing the most thoughtful, gracious, and kind notes possible to readers who appreciate good writing and would revel in the opportunity to read beautifully written letters that glow with affection. Inspired by the 2015 letters of Dr. Timothy Lindamood, warmly called “the doctor who heals broken hearts,” as well as “the doctor who brings hearts together,” the February 14 initiative is intended to inspire and spark the timeless art of intimate, elegant letter writing–an art that has faded in our era of emails. To join in the festivities, choose a reader you haven’t seen for at least a decade, and re-establish communication. Begin with a simple letter, preferably with a touch of humor. Gently pull out of your correspondent the details of his or her life, dreams aspirations, and secret wishes. Respond in kind. Sprinkle each letter with the magic of good will and unselfish insights. Watch love grow.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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