everything grows with love

Stories about My Experiences with Writers & Illustrators Who Bring Light into the World…by Bonnie Ingber Verburg


Overview: On the Wings of Time


Rodman Philbrick Answers a Few Questions about Zane and the Hurricane (see March 2014 for entry about the book)


Usher reads Leo & Diane Dillons’ If Kids Ran the World to 30,000 U.S. schools


Eat Spam, Dumb Bunnies! Dav Pilkey and the funny Good Night Moon Room Story

Personal: FDR and If Kids Ran the World


AUGUST 2014:

Southie, Fergus, and Dog Heaven

Why Head Lice Are More Popular than Congress: David Shannon Understood It First

Leo & Diane Dillon: Diane Dillon interviewed by Julie Danielson at Kirkus

Jim Moore’s new book of poetry: Underground


JUNE 2014:

The Dillons’ Kitchen: A Letter about Making If Kids Ran the World

How Do You Publish How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? Snapshots of Working with Jane Yolen and Mark Teague


MAY 2014:

JoAnn Verburg: PBS Video of My Sister’s Photography

If Kids Ran the World: This Week’s Opposing Reviews (Positive: Publishers Weekly; Negative: Kirkus) and My Letters and Thoughts about Them


MARCH 2014:

Jane Yolen: Faster than Lightning

Rodman Philbrick: More Talented than a Hurricane

Snapshot: Leo & Diane Dillon: IF KIDS RAN THE WORLD (unpublished)

Snapshot: Mark Teague: THE TREE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT (unpublished)


JUNE 2013:

Robin McKinley: A Pen, a Princess, and a Lot of Rock Music

Debra Frasier: On the Day You Were Born

Lois Ehlert: Growing Vegetable Soup

Richard Wilbur: Sir Richard Wilbur the Kind-Hearted Poet vs. the Dizzy Blonde


MAY 2013:

Virginia Hamilton: Whiteout in PLAIN CITY

David Shannon: No! No! No, David!

Audrey and Don Wood: Limitless Imaginations

Jimmy Buffett: Afternoons in Margaritaville

Dav Pilkey: Captain Underpants and the Big Pitch



Virginia Hamilton: IN THE BEGINNING: An Editorial Afternoon

Leontyne Price: AIDA



Barry Moser and Van Dyke Parks: JUMP! The Adventures of Brer Rabbit

Leo & Diane Dillon: The Heart with Wings

Nancy Willard: The High Rise Glorious Skittle Skat Roarious Sky Pie Angel Food Cake


The Genius Club: Quotes from Remarkable Writers and Illustrators

About Reviews

Only God Loves California: Short Story


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