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Jim Moore’s new book of poetry: Published today, September 2, 2014

From the Star Tribune: First review of my brother-in-law’s new poetry book, Underground, sent to me this morning by JoAnn Verburg, my sister. The photo on the cover is by Jo.


PBS Video about My Sister JoAnn Verburg and Her Photography

I grew up with a camera in my face, and even during our family trips, in the back seat of the Rambler,   JoAnn was shooting pictures of me at close range. Our dad was an amateur photographer, and my childhood was filled with cameras. I’ll never forget taking the bus from Boston, when I was at Little, Brown, to see JoAnn’s first show at RIT in Rochester. And what a thrill the first time I saw her photos hanging on the walls of the Museum of Modern Art. It was an even a greater thrill to see her one-woman show at the Modern and to be able to share the experience of watching a show go up behind the scenes with my son, who was then eleven. My sister’s photos speak directly to my heart, and so I decided to post this video–which does a good job of capturing her approach to photographs and her thoughts about them. On another place on this site, there is a short story about a short summer vacation in North Truro–with my son, JoAnn, and her husband, poet Jim Moore.

Here is the video:


JoAnn was a guest of Polaroid at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 1980, but the hotel promptly banished us both from the property when she set up her camera. So this photo was taken across the street in a little park.

Artist: JoAnn Verburg Institution: Minneapolis Institue of Arts

Artist: JoAnn Verburg
Minneapolis Institue of Arts

And here she is in a self portrait after I sent her a copy of my 2011 picture book, The Kiss Box. (I love this photo.)

JAV and Kiss Box Book

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